5 ways smartphones are impacting the HR industry

The use of mobile technology has been changing in the last few years, predominantly through how businesses have been using the technology. As consumers, we have been engaging in quite a range of different services, but actually, businesses using this technology internally have been picking up pace over these years. A lot of innovation has been seen through how businesses engage with their employees, how they improve their processes, how they manage to cut costs and mobile technology is going to be key.


Here’s a look at 5 ways how smartphones are impacting the HR industry.

1. Mobile Recruiting

This strategy essentially helps to attract, engage and convert candidates. Mobile recruiting is a growing opportunity for recruiters to connect with candidates more efficiently with over 89% of job seekers saying that their mobile devices are an important tool in resource for their job search. Recruiters took to emails and phone calls to engage candidates, but the increase in mobile usage amongst job seekers has contributed to mobile recruiting’s rising popularity. Mobile-friendly career websites use responsive design so candidates can easily research career opportunities and apply for them through their mobile devices.


2. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology like smartwatches and fitness trackers are a big trend today. People worldwide are mapping their fitness accomplishments and keeping tabs on their heart rates, sleep patterns and weight loss goals. However, some organizations are turning this device into a powerful HR tool to attract young job seekers.


3. Social Recruiting

Companies are constantly competing against each other to get the best candidates. Many people still go the old way through job boards, job fairs, using headhunters to scout for talent, newspaper classifieds or just plain cold calling. The ambitious job hunters and the innovators are going a step further and incorporating social media in their strategy. 60% of jobs come from networking. Social media is a new advanced way to network. It’s bringing people together at an alarming rate and is growing faster than email.


4. Attract a Younger Workforce

Personal communication, culture and a clear career path matter to the younger workforce. Millennials access a lot of social media on their mobiles while they are on the go to hunt for job postings; they also read articles about a company online and look up for employers on business networking sites as a part of their job search.


5. Mobile HR Apps

About 63% of job seekers look for job postings on a mobile device, while only a mere 16% still relies on mobile career sites. Recruiters use mobile HR apps for job postings, managing the hiring process, scheduling and keeping track of interviews.


6. SAAS Application for HR Department

The SAAS application for the HR department is a human resource software that acts as a comprehensive tool that manages all human resource activities and can be easily accessed on smartphones. This includes applicant tracking, time and attendance management, electronic forms, payroll management, holiday management, recruitment and performance management.


Dev Bhatt is the head of digital marketing at OnlyMobiles. He is a tech enthusiast and loves to review and write about gadgets of all sorts – smartphones, tablets, or any electronics. He’s impulsive to check out what’s new in the market and share his findings with his readers so they can make informed decisions when buying electronic devices. In sync for this love for gadgets, he is also an avid a gamer who loves to travel.