How to introduce tech to an anxious workforce

Buying your new piece of HR Tech is only half of the battle – it’s getting employee buy-in that can be the main struggle.

HR Tech News caught up with Dipti Salopek, head of people at Etsy and speaker at our upcoming HR Tech Summit New York, who revealed the pitfalls employers hit when it comes to technological integration.

“The workforce I’m involved with, the majority of them are actually ‘digitally native,” explained Dipti.

“That means they’re very early adopters of most new technologies and find them intuitive to grasp. The challenge isn’t necessarily the adoption of the new tech – it’s assessing whether or not the new tool adds value.

“Let’s say there’s a process that’s universally hated – like performance management. It doesn’t matter what tech you use, there’ll be low adoption of it unless it organizationally required. The most important step it to select a well-designed product, whether that’s a cloud-based solution or software. There’s lots of options and competing vendors out there, so product design is a deciding factor in selection. Not just the internal functionality or the efficiency for the HR team, but actual user interface.”

From there, Dipti suggests keeping customization simple.

“That’s something we’ve learned the hard way,” she laughed. “We have a tendency to over-engineer the process in terms of how an employee can rate themselves or how managers assess their own performance. We end up with so much feedback that we’ve got to rewrite the entire process just to make sense of it. We don’t need to rate all these different aspects – we just want the crux of issue.”

Essentially, all companies want the same thing out of their tech – to increase the communication and enhance dialogue between employee and manager, in order to further enhance organizational productivity. It’s not rocket science.

“It’s all about having that solid design, keeping it simple – and removing all points of friction,” added Dipti. “How do we avoid employees having log out of one system and into another? How can we help staff find apps easily and navigate portals with ease? These are all questions leaders need to ask themselves when considering new tech.”

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