These smart glasses use facial recognition to catch criminals

Fast. Discreet. Accurate? Law enforcers in China are reportedly keeping an eye on criminals with the help of high-tech eyewear equipped with facial recognition software.

Railway police purportedly use the smart glasses to identify criminals passing through train stations in Zhengzhou. The faces picked out from the crowd are compared with profiles of suspects logged into a police database.

The smart glasses are said to have correctly identified seven suspects since the gadget was deployed, the state-run news outlet People’s Daily reported. The crimes reportedly range from traffic violations to cases of human trafficking.

The wearable tech can also supposedly vet train passengers who are using fake documents to travel. The country implements strict regulations against travelers who lack proper identification documents.

LLVision Technology, which developed the eyewear, claims the gadget only takes 100 milliseconds to accurately identify a face from a sample of 10,000 profiles.

The use of smart glasses is the latest effort by the Chinese government to monitor its citizenry through facial recognition software.

Human rights activists, however, criticized the government’s increasing reliance on facial recognition tools and called on the government to destroy the data collected without the subjects’ full consent.

“Chinese authorities seem to think they can achieve ‘social stability’ by placing people under a microscope, but these abusive programs are more likely to deepen hostility towards the government,” said Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch in China.