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● Receive expert insights from industry leaders

● Network and share experiences with industry peers

● Cut through the jargon and gain actionable strategies to implement in your organization


● CHRO’s, Chief People Officers, Chief Learning Officers, VP’s HR, HR Directors and HR decision makers

● Heads and Directors of Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition, People & Organization, Training & Development and Talent Acquisition

● Heads and Directors of Workforce, People and HR Analytics, People Systems and HR Data Analysts

● Heads and Directors of HR Operations, Workforce and Organizational Development

● HR Tech Leads, Specialists in Digital Transformation & Innovation


● Responding to evolving requirements in the new world of work

● Bridging the gap between workforce needs and tech solutions

● Successfully navigating a HR tech project

● Overcoming key barriers to tech adoption and creating cultures that support analytical and data-driven HR

● Using HR data to drive performance and get results

● The emerging technologies that will shape tomorrow’s workplaces

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